Model Vinyl Yard Fence

Model: A Clean, Classic Fence

  • The Model yard fence, with its simple square pickets, provides a classic clean look for your backyard or pool area.


  • The spacing between pickets allows plenty of light and breeze to filter through and makes for a more approachable fence.


  • With four colors of vinyl to choose from, Model is a handsome fence that will provide security for years, while requiring very little maintenance.

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Model Vinyl Yard Fence Details

  • 48” height*


  • 6’ or 8’ sections


  • 1 ¾” by 3 ½” routed rails


  • 3” square pickets


  • Max spacing 3 ¼”


  • Available in black

*always check your local building requirements before purchasing or installing a pool fence

Model Vinyl Yard Fence Color Options

Superior’s Model Yard Fence is available in White, Almond, Clay, and Black.

White - Superior Plastic Products


Almond - Superior Plastic Products


Clay - Superior Plastic Products



Model Vinyl Yard Fence Options

Model Vinyl Yard Fence - Superior Plastic Products

Model Yard Fence



Width Options

6′ | 8′


1 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ Routed Rails | 1 1/4″ Square Pickets | Max Spacing 3 1/4″

Model Vinyl Yard Fence Pool Code Options

Available Pool Code Height





***Please consult your local building codes prior to purchase.

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Vinyl Cleaning Guidelines

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