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Superior Plastic Products Press Releases


Senior Management Team:


Superior Plastic Products Press ReleasesTavi Rendon: Has been promoted to (CCO) Chief Culture Officer for Superior Plastic Products and affiliate companies. Mr. Rendon will be focused on creating a positive company culture and will help closely with HR as well as develop and initiate safety and training programs.


Superior Plastic Products Press ReleasesJavan Lapp:
Has been promoted to (COO) Chief Operations Officer for Superior Plastic Products and affiliate Companies. Mr. Lapp will be responsible for overseeing all day to day operations in the companies. His primary focus will be on supporting the management team as well as coordinating overall strategy across all departments and affiliate companies.



Superior Plastic Products Press ReleasesMike Shaub: Superior Plastic Products recently hired Mike Shaub to manage the inside sales team. Mike comes with extensive knowledge and experience in customer service and will be focused on the day to day operations of enhancing the customer’s experience.