Structural Vinyl Columns

Structural Vinyl Columns make an architectural statement with their imposing style and presence.

  • Used alone with your choice of railing and baluster, or in conjunction with newel posts, columns simply elevate the curb appeal.


  • The structural strength is ideal to turn the under deck space into an open air room for relaxation – or to create multi-level decks to expand your entire outdoor living space.


  • Our Columns are intended for use with porches, not free-standing structures. We also offer Hollow Columns.


Structural Vinyl Column Features

Superior Systems Columns are available in a number of classic styles and colors.


  • Structural Porch Columns Do Not Have Seam Lines
  • Available in 9′ and 10′ Porch Columns
  • Structural Porch Columns load capabilities 7,500 – 26,000 lbs

Structural Vinyl Columns - Superior Plastic Products

Column Options

Structural Vinyl Columns - Superior Plastic Products

Trim & Ring Options

Structural Vinyl Columns - Superior Plastic Products

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Structural Vinyl Column Install Guide

Vinyl Cleaning Guidelines

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