Stopping Galvanic Corrosion Before It Starts

One of the ongoing concerns about aluminum railing near a body of water—particularly the ocean—is  the risk of galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion is naturally occurring and results when you mix metals and water, especially salt water, over a period of time.  That means that aluminum and stainless steel in a horizontal or vertical cable railing system are particularly susceptible.


Key-Link is diving headfirst into addressing galvanic corrosion and helping to prevent it on our aluminum railing. This spring, Key-Link has introduced a Coastal Upgrade package for aluminum railing that is installed within a mile of the coast, or for any railing that needs extra protection.


What is the Coastal Upgrade Package?
Key-Link’s Coastal Upgrade consists first of a thick layer of epoxy primer over all of the aluminum, both inside and outside the posts and in all the post holes. This is the same primer that the US Postal Service uses on its mailboxes. Then the primer is followed by AAMA 2605 standard powder coating over all the parts and pieces. (2604 is our standard coating, so the AAMA 2605 standard is another upgrade).


Why is it Needed?
Galvanic corrosion happens when two types of metals interact in the presence of a conductor—like water. While they’re not particularly corrosive on their own, adding saltwater to stainless steel and aluminum is a recipe for corrosion. The Coastal Upgrade package helps to mitigate the corrosion by providing some water protection, but, more importantly, the powder coating and epoxy keep the aluminum and stainless steel from interacting with each other and corroding.


If you sell or install jobs next to a swimming pool or near saltwater, make sure to quote the job with the Coastal Upgrade. While it does cost more than a standard powder coat, it can mean fewer callbacks, an extremely high level of protection, and much happier customers over the long term.

Meet Superior’s Newest Railing

Superior’s latest railing system hit the market last week and we are already getting lots of good feedback! The 400 Series is our drink rail system for vinyl and, if you’re familiar with Key-Link’s Chesapeake Series, is a cousin to that system. Everything you need between the posts (minus the deckboard) is in the 400 Series boxed section.


The 400 Series starts with a vinyl top rail, but we shook things up by adding an aluminum plate to the vinyl. This plate acts as a receiver for your deckboard. We predrill the plate every 12 inches for fasteners (provided in the boxed section) and the fasteners hold the deckboard down evenly across the entire system—no gaps.


The 400 Series was designed to make a deckboard top rail easy to install, without special brackets or an adapter kit. It is truly a “superior” way to do drink rail!

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