New Hires Make a Difference

We’ve hired and promoted multiple people across all companies to serve you better.

Bob Barney is now our Superior plant manager. Bob started as the assistant to the operations manager when he first came to Superior three years ago and has proven himself to be a skilled leader and manager. Under his management, the Superior plants are going to thrive.

George Estfanous came on board as a new product technician. He’s now working to support the product development team with custom sections and gate drawings, getting material for the team, and helping with testing.

Curtis Frye is our new safety coordinator. He works with our Human Resources department to make sure that safety best practices are in place, procedures are followed, and that our associates stay healthy and safe on the job.

Randy Horning started as Key-Link plant manager in April. He came from High Steel and has a strong background in operations. He has made significant improvements to Key-Link’s processes and efficiency since he started.

Paul Johnson is the new territory manager for the northeast region and is connecting with customers across New England and New York. If you’re in that region, give him a shout!

Tom Tuno was promoted to a new role at Key-Link: Production Control Manager. Production Control is now responsible for scheduling production, maintaining inventory, and moving material throughout the plant. These groups used to report to three different managers, but this new alignment makes operations flow more smoothly for the good of our customers.

What’s Coming in 2021

Coming soon: a rebranding for Key-Link. Our marketing team has been working hard to create a consistent look and feel across all channels. The new brand identity will reflect Key-Link’s place in the market as a premium product. There will also be a new logo! Stay tuned.


A new aluminum railing is in the works, and we’re doing lots of testing and prep to make sure we’re ready to manufacture and ship in 2021. This railing is going to save contractors time in both installing and ordering. And of course it looks good, too. We’ll let you know more when it’s ready to go!

Universal Handrail Bracket is Here

Superior and Key-Link aluminum ADA handrail now has a new piece: the universal bracket! Made from die cast aluminum, it’s available in every color that handrail is. Customers have been asking for this piece, and it completes our line beautifully.



  • 0 to 43ᵒ Range of Motion
  • Built-in beauty rings (trim rings)
  • No need for a precision miter cut at the joint, allowing for faster, easier installation


What’s included with the universal handrail bracket?

  • 2 bracket halves
  • 1 barrel fastener (creates elbow hinge, assembles elbow)
  • 2-3 self-drilling square drive mounting screws (used to attach elbow to handrail section)


You are now able to order this piece along with your ADA handrail. Just give us a call ta 800-633-7093 to order.

Sales Training Videos Available

If you or your staff could use some sales training, please reach out to your territory manager. We’ve recently developed videos for educating sales staff about the benefits of Superior or Key-Link. Until we are back doing full in-person trainings, these are a great resource!


The videos can also be used as a refresher between in-person trainings or as an introduction to Superior/Key-Link for a new staff person. Ask your territory manager if these videos could work for you and your team.

Privacy Fence Featured

Nantucket privacy fence was recently featured on an installation by DIYer blogger and influencer Melissa Woods.

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