New Railing Series From Key-Link

Meet the Chesapeake! We started with beta test installs of this deckboard railing in 2020, and now we’re rolling it out to all customers and partners. To get more details about this exciting new series, we sat down with Jeremiah Hershberger, our product manager, for a Q&A.


Why drink rail?
Because homeowners want it! Average deck sizes are increasing and homeowners want to have family and friends over to spend time on the deck—with food and drink. A deckboard rail lets guests move around and mingle while giving them a place to rest their plates or cups. It enhances the space and makes it conducive to entertaining.


Aesthetically some people really love the look, too, especially when you can match your deckboard railing to your decking.


Why a new series?
We already had a bracket set, and that worked, but we wanted to go all out and really change how people think about drink rail. Key-Link is known for our quality, our unique designs, and our ease of installation, so we wanted a deckboard system that fit our brand and what we’re known for. Product performance and quality were a big focus.


How does the Chesapeake’s quality and design make installation easier?
It’s a profile designed specifically for a deckboard installation. So it has recessed channels and pre-drilled holes for the screws, and we even include the screws to fasten the deckboard to the top rail. The contractor can just order the boxed section and it comes with everything he needs, except the deckboard. Cut the railing to size, install, lay the deckboard on top, and fasten.


Anything else customers should know?
Right now the Chesapeake Series is best for decks with 90-degree angles, as we’re still fleshing out our accessories line to accommodate other applications. Those will be released at a later date.


And we have an installation video completed! You can view that on our video page or YouTube channel.

Account Managers Shine in New Roles

When Inside Sales Manager Sally Christman decided to reorganize her team, she started with choosing some of her most skilled and experienced staff as her Account Managers. Marcus Groff, Rob Reider, and Micah Wenger were tapped for these three important roles. Both Rob and Micah worked in the manufacturing plants before joining the inside team, and Marcus has been with the company for 15 years. Their long-term status with the company and their experience with both customer service and product made them good fits for these new jobs.


Sally divided her team into groups. One to manage the fencing and OEM business (that one is headed by Rob), one for dealers and one-step distributors (Micah’s responsibility), and two-step distributors (managed by Marcus). The Account Managers are responsible for keeping their teams updated, handling any challenges that their teams can’t resolve, and always serving the customer—using their experience to answer questions and advocate for their clients.


Having teams to serve various groups also works well because there are now 3-4 people familiar with an account and if someone is out sick or on vacation, there are several others with knowledge to handle customer needs.


Please reach out to our inside services team if you have questions about your orders—we are here to help!

Trade Shows are Back!

Superior and Key-Link sales and marketing teams are ready to hit the road and start doing live events again. Coming up:


  • JLC Live in Providence, RI, August 13-14
  • International Builders Show, Orlando, FL, February 8-10, 2022


If you are a customer who plans to be at any of these events, let us know! We’d love to meet with you at the booth and show you what we are working on.  We’ll also be at smaller contractor events with our dealers and distributors, so if you’d like us to make an appearance at your location, please reach out to your territory manager.

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