2023 New Product Round-Up

Early 2023 features the release of multiple new products and accessories to round out the Key-Link and Superior product lines. Watch for product bulletins announcing that these products are now available to order.


2.5” Post Line Expansion
Customers have been asking for this one and we’re delivering for both fascia mounted posts AND horizontal cable. Slimmed down posts are less obtrusive and bring sleek minimalist lines to any deck. The thicker wall allow us to insert horizontal cable fittings and still meet code requirements.

• 2.5” horizontal cable posts, including corner posts, line posts, and end posts
• 2.5” fascia posts and mounting brackets

We’ve also added a Chesapeake reducer wedge that lets you adapt Chesapeake for 2.5” posts.


Chesapeake Series Underrail Lighting
Underrail lighting for Chesapeake is here to take drink rail to another level by lighting it up from underneath.

• 4’ 6’ or 8’ sections of LED strips in a flexible enclosure
• Snaps into the Chesapeake’s underrail channel
• Adapter clips included
• Easy to cut down
• Works for new installs or to retrofit existing Chesapeake Series railing installations


American Series Crossover Post
This is a unique new (and easy) way to do crossover top rail. It’s not a bracket—it installs as a post and railing snaps easily into the sleeve on top.

• The interior screw lets you move the sleeve up and down as needed for vertical cable and square baluster options
• Works with standard sections (no need to cut railing)
• Use this same post on stair and level applications
• Code compliant for IBC 8’ level and 6’ stair sections

400 Series with Cable Infill
Add Key-Link horizontal cable to 400 Series vinyl railing for the perfect coastal style.

• Comes with predrilled vinyl post sleeves and all fittings to create the look
• Code approved for residential and commercial applications
• Available in white, black, and clay


Expandable Power Splitter and New Power Options
No matter how many lights you are putting on your deck, Placid Point and Key-Link will have the capacity and options to support you!

Mix and match the following to make sure you have all the power you need:

  • 120 Power System with Control Hub and Expandable Power Splitter
  • 120 Watt Expansion Pack
  • 60 Watt Power System with Control Hub
  • 60 Watt Expansion Pack

Success at IBS!

From January 31-February 2, the Key-Link team met customers and potential customers at the International Builders’ Show. Key-Link’s show strategy has really evolved over the past few years, and to make the show a success, many people on the Key-Link team did a lot of preshow work. Our strategy included creating a welcoming booth that used eye-catching displays to show off some our newest products, setting up dinner and booth appointments with customers and potential customers, and preparing to collect as many qualified leads as possible.


The result: a fantastic show, a lot of leads, and plenty of conversation and connection.


In addition to a pre-show strategy, it’s important to have a post-show strategy to truly take advantage of the work and investment that went into the show. The team is currently in process of reviewing our leads and segmenting them by type and region. From there, we’ll work with our partners to follow up so that our distributor and dealer customers can benefit from our show investment, too.

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