Improvements in Manufacturing Continue

At Superior and Key-Link, we are committed to continuously improving. In 2020, we made strides in improving our operations, and those improvements will continue to build in 2021. Here are some of the things we’ve recently done in order to better serve our customers and rise to meet our challenges:

  • At Key-Link, we are reworking our scheduling process to make production more efficient and to build back our inventory levels. The goal is shorter lead times for more products this year. At both Key-Link and Superior, we continue to work with our vendors so we can continue to source the highest-quality raw materials and keep our pricing as stable as possible.


  • Additionally, at Key-Link we have begun a major reorganization of our plant that will be phased throughout the year. The reorganization will ensure that raw materials coming in the door move efficiently through fabrication and powder-coating in one half of the building before traveling to packaging and shipping in the other half. This reorganization will significantly reduce the amount of time and distance that materials must travel. The goal is increased efficiencies in manufacturing, ultimately reducing lead times for our finished goods.


  • At Superior, we are maintaining our current shift structure, even though we’re well into the winter. According to our Vice President of Operations, Brian Duffie, “Most of our production areas are working at their maximum output capacities in an effort to satisfy our customer’s needs.” Superior is currently running extended shifts at all of our manufacturing locations and have been increasing throughput continuously in 2020 and early 2021. “We have not, and will not reduce production rates during the winter,” says Duffie. “We see this time as an opportunity to produce finished products at the same rate that we would in a typical spring/summer season.”


  • And at our extrusion facility, we have upgraded to a cleaner, more efficient Recycling System to increase our ability to make pulverized material.

Our goal for 2021, says Duffie, is “to deliver the highest-quality products as quickly as possible while preparing for anticipated growth.” These operational improvements will help us meet that goal.

The New Key-Link Brand is Here

In November we rolled out the new Key-Link brand and logo. The goal of this change was and is to reflect Key-Link’s place in the market as a premium product. Our graphic designer, Jason, took time to consider what Key-Link is known for and what messages we wanted to convey with our logo. He used the distinctive Key-Link corner post, designed by our in-house engineers, as a starting point and created the logo you now see on all of Key-Link’s products and marketing.


A big part of the reason we updated the look and feel of the brand was our desire to have our look complement the high-end product we produce. Customers trust a product and a company more when the product and its marketing “match” in look and feel. With an updated website, photography, logo, and colors, we are now both manufacturing and advertising our top-of-the-line Key-Link railing systems.


If you missed our reveal video, see it here.


With Key-Link successfully updated, we’ve moved on to the Superior brand, so stay tuned!

New Sales Coordinators Join the Team

There are two new members of the sales team, and they’ve also got brand new roles in the company. In their new jobs, they are tackling the many administrative tasks that come with sales and learning more about our markets and products.


Jordyn Newsome (left), our new Sales Coordinator, and Alicia Laratonda (right), Business Development Specialist, were hired in October and are digging in to what Superior and Key-Link are all about. They are getting to know our customers, researching the market, and learning about our competitors. If you haven’t yet met or heard from one or both of them, you probably will soon!


Jordyn will be handling tasks related to our regional accounts and event planning, while Alicia will take care of our national accounts. Both women will support the territory managers, so the territory managers have more time to focus on supporting our current customers and growing our market share.

Change of Address for Payment

If you send payments to our PO Boxes, please note the following changes and update your systems. New Addresses for Remitting Payment:

Superior Plastic Products
PO Box 8259
Lancaster, PA  17604


Key-Link Fencing & Railing
PO Box 8585
Lancaster, PA  17604

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