Fascia Mount FAQs

Key-Link’s fascia mount system hit the market in early 2020, and its popularity has continued to grow. We’re hearing more and more about deck builders and contractors using and loving the simplicity and convenience of this system.


Balconies, rooftop decks, or limited building space–if the size of your deck is limited by external factors, fascia mounted posts are here to provide more living area. And even with a giant deck, fascia mounted posts still provide more space.


Here are some of the most common questions:


Why should I use this system?
As families are looking for more space, both indoors and out, fascia mounted systems are one way to give them what they’re looking for. To calculate the square footage that is gained by using this system, take the measurements of your railing sections used on the job and halve them. So if you would use ten 8’ sections of railing on the job, that’s 80/2—40 additional square feet of space. Contractors have told us that decks can cost $60/sq foot, so having that additional footage is of huge value to the homeowner.


What size posts do I use?
Right now the fascia mount system is limited to 3.25” posts, but we will be expanding to additional post sizes in the future.


What infill can I use?
All current infills can be used with the fascia mount system. With horizontal cable, you don’t need a bottom rail since the bottom cable is close enough to the deck for code approval and safety.


Is it code approved?
Yes, we provide code support for IRC and IBC use cases (up to 8’ sections), so you can use it residentially or commercially. Currently our brackets are approved for wood mounting only, but concrete approval is coming.


What are the pieces of the system?
There are three brackets, the inside corner bracket, the line post bracket, and the outside corner bracket, as well as a right-angle section support for sections longer than 6’.

Because of the outside corner bracket, you don’t have to double post on the corners. And of course the brackets are powder-coated to match our posts and railings perfectly.


How do I order sections and posts for this system?
If you are ordering a box section of infill other than horizontal cable, you simply order a standard box section like you would for a traditional mounting. For horizontal cable there are separate box sections, because horizontal cable requires a longer support baluster and a right-angle section support to hold the baluster. Additionally, horizontal cable box sections for fascia mounting will not contain a bottom rail.

For all infill, there are fascia-mount-specific posts required, since the posts have to be longer to reach the fascia-mounted brackets. Traditional posts will not work for fascia mounting, so when you order, make sure you specify fascia-mounted posts.


Do you have an installation video?
We just filmed an installation video last week and will release it as soon as it’s edited and ready to go!

New Superior Logo Reveal

For the past months, the marketing team has been working with input from sales, operations, and leadership to develop our brand story, and part of that story is Superior’s new logo. The logo was designed by our graphic designer, Jason, who took it through many versions before landing on the final choice.


The blue is a tribute to our previous logo and colors, and you can see that it could represent sky or water behind the shield. The shield itself stands for safety, our railing and fencing creating a secure space for family, and on the shield is a railing with Model balusters or maybe one of our yard fences. The abstract nature and simplicity makes the logo visually interesting because it can be interpreted in a few different ways depending on who’s looking at it.


Brand story is a way to develop consistency across channels, so that everything from marketing pieces to product development to sales meetings are moving in the same consistent direction. That consistency builds trust with customers. The new logo is part of a larger look and feel that will help us create brand consistency and trust in the market going forward.

Plant Tours Fun

Over the past few months, we’ve been fortunate to have many groups come through to see our manufacturing facilities—and we love it! Some of our favorite tours have been when distributors or dealers bring contractors they work with so we get to hear feedback from multiple partners. And when contractors get to talk with us and see the work we do, they generally leave feeling good about buying Superior or Key-Link products.


Tours usually include breakfast and lunch, meetings with sales and marketing, and of course, seeing our manufacturing floors and processes. If you think a plant tour would be educational for you, your team, or your contractor customers, please reach out to your territory manager.

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