7000 Series Vinyl Railing

Bring a Bold Look to Your Outdoor Space

  • The 7000 Series railing, part of Superior’s Balustrade Series, is our largest, most substantial vinyl railing. Its prominent profile is perfect for grand estates and large installations—anywhere where a slimmer rail system might get lost. The 7000 series adds elegance, style, and safety to any property.


  • The top rail is a generous 6 ½ by 4 ½ fluted T-shape and the bottom rail echoes the top’s shape. This railing can be bent to your specifications for places where curved rail is required.


  • With a choice of newel posts and post caps, you can further tailor the look of the product to your aesthetic.

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7000 Series Vinyl Railing Details

  • Level rail comes in 4′ • 6′ • 8′ • 10′ lengths


  • Step/stair rail comes in 4′ • 6′ • 8′ • 10′ lengths


  • Available in 36″ height for residential or 42″ height for commercial applications


  • Bracket screw covers


  • Custom radius sections available

7000 Series Profile

Top Rail & Bottom Rail

7000 Series Vinyl Railing Profile

The 7000 Series Vinyl Railing contains an aluminum reinforced core. (Vinyl profile marked in black; Aluminum core outlined in gray.)

Top Rail & Bottom Rail

7000 Series Vinyl Railing Color Options

Superior’s 7000 Series Vinyl Railing is available in White only.

White - Superior Plastic Products


7000 Series Vinyl Railing Baluster Options

7000 Series Vinyl Railing - Superior Plastic Products

  • Belmont Vinyl Baluster is available in 29 3/8″ & 35 3/8″.

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